Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Review: The Incomplete Book of Running

I found Peter Sagal's Incomplete Book of Running to be a delightful 'listen.' It's part how-to, part philosophical treatise on running and mostly entertaining memoir. Sagal is a host on NPR, so I suppose it's not surprising he'd put together a very entertaining audio book.

The how-to aspect of Sagal's book is useful; I could see gifting the book to someone who wants to be a runner but doesn't know where to start. And the witty writing left me smiling, if not outright laughing through a number of his personal stories. Another factor that makes the book work is how he shares his daemons and missteps in such a way that they are fuel for something greater. His battles with weight, depression and relationships are something he may want to forget, but we benefit greatly by hearing his complete story.

After coming off series of dense and epic reads, the Incomplete Runner was just what I needed to lighten things up, while still listening to something thought provoking. Regardless of your relationship with running, you'll be glad you gave the book a chance.

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