Thursday, August 24, 2006

Nordstroms Adventure

We ended up spending three hours at Norstroms tonight (hence the four blog posts) dealing with Shira's dress for the upcoming wedding.

Things didn't start off well as the emergency corrections that were made to a bad set of alterations made the dress worse, not better. Instead, we got lucky and a woman from alterations came to the rescue and redid the work in a rush job while we waited.

While waiting for the job to be complete, we hit the Clinque counter for a quick beauty session.

In the end, Nordstroms earned an above average rating for tonight's adventure. Yes, they screwed up, but they fixed it. In fact, I think they would have given us a totally new dress if it had come to that.

It's easy to complain about big faceless companies - but tonight, the hard working and caring employees came to the rescue.


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