Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ahoy Matey! The Trickiest Frozen Yogurt You'll Order All Week

Shira and Keith got 10% off because they could name 3 countries that started with one vowel and ended with another. I got 10% off because my middle name is Alan (and therefor connected to the name of the day: Allen Davis). The girls got 10% off for ordering like a pirate.

After a delicious meal at Pizza Paradiso, we made our way to the nearest frozen yogurt location, which happened to be Mr. Yagoto. What Mr. Yagoto lacks in yogurt choices (I think there were three), it makes up for in entertainment. As you walk in, you quickly notice a series of challenges, that if completed, will get you anywhere from +5% added to your bill, to a free frozen yogurt (alas, standing on one tippy-toe for 30 seconds with my eyes closed was beyond me). It must have taken us 45 minutes to order, but everyone had a good time.

What a joy it was catching up with our friends Becky, Keith and their angel-like children. The kids, I should add, demonstrated lightning quick reflexes while playing 2 Play Reactor as waited out a massive downpour.

Fun times!

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