Thursday, September 17, 2015

Will it Grow: Wildflower Seed Mix

I've been wanting to try planing a wildflower seed mix for a while. It has the promise of being my kind of gardening: super simple to do (rough up ground; toss seed on ground; smoosh seed into ground; done), yet with the possibility of truly interesting results. So I ordered up a bag of Wildflower Seeds from The Dirty Gardener, mainly because it got solid reviews on Amazon.

I planted the seeds last Sunday, which is pretty much the exact wrong time to plant them. I'm fairly certain from my research that I've either seeded too late in the growing season (will the perennials get any time to establish roots?) or too early (better to start them after the first frost, then let them chill over the winter, and be ready for spring). But in the spirit of experimentation I figured it wouldn't hurt to toss some seed onto the ground and see what happens.

So that's what I did.

Now we play the waiting game see if anything grows.

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