Thursday, March 10, 2016

Fore! Golfing with The Parents, A Surprisingly Successful Adventure

My parents are golfers. Me, not so much. Actually, make that not at all. Years and years ago my parents tried to help interest me in the sport but it didn't take. I think I played a grand total of one par 3 course. Yet when I realized that we were merely minutes from the East Potomac Golf Course, and that the course was not only open to the public, but quite affordable, I suggested to my parents that I play a round with them. I figured I'd hit a few balls, and if nothing else, get a nice walk in while I watched them show off their skills.

And this week the stars aligned: my parents were in town, the weather was perfect and I could book a 1:06pm tee time. And so I did.

We arrived at the Golf Course 45 minutes early in the hope that I could hit a few balls on the driving range. Our plan came together nicely. My Mom gave me about 10 minutes worth golf lessons, the three of us hit a bucket of balls and off we went.

We played the White Course, which consists of 9 holes. And I've got to say, when we started that first hole and I couldn't even see the flag at the other end, I was a bit intimidated. Actually, make that very intimidated. My brain tried to process what I was seeing: 141 yards away was a tiny little cup that I was expected to get a tiny little ball into.

Still, I followed my Mom's advice (keep that back swing short!; keep that left arm straight!; relax!) and what do you know, I actually managed to do OK. In fact, I left the course feeling quite proud of myself. I'd spent most, though not all, of the time on the actual fairway, didn't hurl a club, didn't throw a temper tantrum and managed to eek out a few beginner's luck shots. I did get in that nice walk as well as the joy of sharing a game with parents that they love.

Good times!

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