Friday, May 13, 2016

Functional Origami: Making a Box

Origami is nice. Oragami that's practical, now that's awesome! I've been experimenting with creating an origami box and while my attempts look pretty rough (Sorry Nick!), they are indeed functional:

That's a box made out of aluminum foil, printer paper, 3x5 note card and a Post-It Note. As you can tell above, the aluminum foil version has water in it and a cork floating around. So yeah, it's water tight.

The note card material was recycled from a TODO list, and the scribbles on it are actually a nice bonus. As for the aluminum foil version, I'm going to have to see what outdoorsy uses I can put it to. Maybe I can find a size that works as a little alcohol stove? We'll see.

Here's the video that I learned the technique from:

I'm still a ways off from Pinterest grade work; but it's definitely fun to be playing with a new skill. It reminds me of my Scouting days when I'd struggle to learn a new knot. Good times.

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