Thursday, April 19, 2018

Flight Audio from Southwest 1380 - Listen and be in Awe

The Air Traffic Control audio from Southwest 1380's emergency landing is nothing short of remarkable. As has been widely reported, the pilot and co-pilot remained incredibly calm and collected, which this audio shows. But it also shows just how well the whole system worked.

Planes needed to be re-routed to make way for SW 1380, which meant that Air Traffic control and quite a few pilots had to be quick on their toes. It also seems to me that the whole protocol of Air Traffic control had be flipped. In a moment, it went from the tower directing a pilot, to the pilot telling the tower what she wanted. All this happened seamlessly, as though this sort of thing happens all the time.

I love how at 1 minute, 27 seconds in the pilot, who is about to be switched to a new frequency, still manages to sign off with a Good Day. Amazing.

If you want to study resilient, adaptive and fault tolerant systems, it seems like Air Traffic control is good place to start.

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