Monday, July 23, 2018

Art with A: Making Wire Bracelets, and Practicing our Change-the-World Skills

While hanging with Aurora this past weekend, I noticed she had a wire bracelet on and asked if she had made it herself. She had, and she was more than willing to teach me how to make my own. That's a good thing, because I love finding ways to upcycle some of the hundreds of feet of Ethernet cable I've got lying around. Aurora patiently walked me through the process of measuring and wrapping the wire. When she was done she had another suggestion: why don't we shoot a video teaching anyone interested how to make the bracelets.

Given my preference for having kids create digital content over simply consuming it, I was overjoyed with the idea. I grabbed my phone, hit record and Aurora started her narration. Below is is the video we made.

As a first foray into the world of How To Videos, I think we did OK. Next time I'll pick a spot that isn't adjacent to her brother actively using his super-hero characters to save the world from invading aliens. But I have to give credit to Aurora, she was a real pro: even with all the background noise, she kept her composure.

Mostly, this experience gives me hope. To hear a child suggest hey, let's help others is a beautiful thing. It shows that kids can appreciate the power of the web and how they don't have to wait to start making a difference, they can do it today.

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