Wednesday, September 12, 2018

2018 US Open - Day 2

[Composed 9/1/2018]

Yesterday morning we were fourth in line to get onto the US Open grounds. Today we corrected this error by arriving even earlier, and sure enough, we were first in line. I had fresh baked goods in hand from a Korean Bakery, so I was a happy camper.

While today we got to see some Tennis Greats, including Federer and Djokovic, the more impressive matches were off center court.

We started the day on Court 17, just a few rows away from Sock and Bryan taking on Nishioka and McDonald. Man is doubles underrated. The match was action packed, with Bryan and Sock prevailing. Bryan's stats are legendary, especially considering he's 3 years old than Federer, and has won 22 more titles. He and his brother have to be the GOAT of Double's Tennis, yet, we were able to watch them on what's effectively a side-court. Amazing. For a third of the match the sun came out and we were reminded just how brutal it can be to watch tennis in hot conditions. I can't begin to imagine how savage it is to play in those conditions. Fortunately, majority of the match had cloud cover and we spent most of the day in shaded stadiums.

The other notable match of the day was between Zverev and Kohlschreiber. Zverev has youth, size and ranking on his side, while Kohlschreiber brings experience. And while the match was even most of the time, it was nice to see experience win the day. Take that youth, grandpa can still play!

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