Thursday, October 11, 2018

A Travel Photography Checklist

Inspired by my Digital Packing Checklist, I decided to make a similar one for photo gear.

Deliberately walking through this checklist, I've found I can sidestep a number of photography traps. From the annoyance of DSLR pictures with incorrect timestamps, to the agony of capturing important photos with the quality setting set to low, to a smattering of issues in between, this list has me covered.

I'm careful to review this list for each camera I'm bringing, though obviously some steps don't apply to some devices.

  • Clean lenses and look for damage.
  • Consider replacing UV filters used to protect lenses.
  • Insure batteries are fully charged, and noted as such.
  • Insure the date and time is properly set.
  • Set the timezone where you'll be shooting pictures. Insure the daylight saving option is correctly set.
  • Review photo quality setting, insure the highest quality setting is selected.
  • Review the age of SD cards and consider replacing them.
  • Purge SD cards of old photos.
  • Purge backup areas of old backups.
  • Run your photo backup procedure, insuring all cards are backed up.
  • Check cloud backup settings to insure 'Original' photos are being saved. Review Roaming and Upload over Cellular options.

Happy shooting!

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