Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Puerto Rico Adventure - Day 1 - It Begins

[Composed 11/20/2018]

So. Much. Sunshine. That's been my main thought since we landed in Puerto Rico a few hours ago. We left a chilly 55°F DC to land in 85°F and sunny San Juan.

Today was all about getting oriented. We took a walk around Laguna Condado and especially enjoyed the walk over Puente Dos Hermanos Bridge. From it, we could see various fish, a starfish and even what appeared to be a Spotted Eagle Ray. It was like visiting an open air aquarium.

Speaking of wildlife, I'm loving all the iguana, gecko and other lizard sightings we've had so far. I know that lizards in Puerto Rico are about as exotic as squirrels are in DC, but to me, they're a novelty. They make great photo subjects, too.

We're staying right on the coast, and the views of the ocean and old San Juan really do look picture postcard perfect.

Tomorrow our adventure begins in earnest. Stay tuned for more!

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