Monday, April 29, 2019

Flight of the Bumblebee - In Super Slow Motion

What happens when you combine the Galaxy S9+'s super slow motion mode with a $4.00 mobile phone monocular?

Some surprisingly interesting footage:

This isn't breaking new ground, but it's still a fresh way for me to shoot something like a bumblebee. At least, I think this guy is a bumblebee.

Most of the videos I captured of this guy flitting arond weren't useful. But I did manage to catch 4 that were worth sharing. I combined the 4 videos using ffmpeg:

 (ls 2019*.mp4 | while read x ; do echo "file $x"; done ) > inputs.txt ; \
 ffmpeg -f concat -i inputs.txt -c copy all.mp4

It never ceases to amaze me at how amazing cell phone cameras are. Not that many years ago, the above video would have taken specialized hardware and techniques; today it's as easy as snapping landscape pic.

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