Monday, May 13, 2019

Fishing Kit v1 - Finally Getting Organized

This weekend I've got a mini-fishing adventure planned so I was motivated to finally get my hodgepodge of fishing gear organized. I started with this mess:

And finished with this setup:

The kit includes a number of different size hooks and sinkers; a variety of of jiggy things; a few Panther Martin lures; some floats and a bunch of fake smelly bait. I YouTube'd the area where we're fishing to come up with the bait recommendations.

I spent more time than I'd like to admit trying to find the right sized tackle box. Ultimately, I picked up a Plano 3450-23: Double-Sided Tackle Box and a Plano 3449-22: Small Double-Sided Tackle Box. At $5.44 and $3.34 respectively, they were both quite affordable. Turns out, I only needed the Small Double-Sided Tackle box. Who knew you could organize nearly an entire fishing kit for $3.34?

The Plano boxes come with separators that need to be carefully trimmed and inserted. Jamming the wrong insert into the wrong slot results in a box that won't quite close. Once everything is properly aligned, the boxes open and close smoothly.

I splurged and picked up a Piscifun pliars. I can't tell if this a brilliant multi-use tool (it handles: hook removal! line trimming! opening/closing split shot!) or overkill for my purposes. Time will tell.

While not especially fancy, I think the ziplock bag approach to carrying the artificial bait is legit.

Finally, I added this image to my phone to remind me how to tie a Uni-Knot:

and I considered my kit complete.

We may or may not catch fish this weekend, but at least I'll show up organized and ready for a good fight!

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