Thursday, August 22, 2019

Letter Locking - The Delightful Skill You Almost Certainly Don't Need

A Townsends video on mailing letters in the 18th century led me to an even more esoteric topic: Letter Locking. Letter Locking is the process of folding a letter such that it becomes its own envelope. The Letter Locking YouTube channel in question isn't just some casual affair, it's effectively published scholarly content from a professor at MIT.

From browsing the YouTube channel Letter Locking appears to be a sort of simple origami. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be complex to get interesting results. Consider the Rowe Triangle Letter. A few simple folds and your 8½x11 page becomes a neatly secured package.

Letter Locking is just the right mix of clever, simple and functional to be something that appeals to me. I also love seeing esoteric content lovingly produced for YouTube. It's discoveries like these that highlight one of the best uses of the Web

Check out the videos that inspired me below:

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