Friday, January 17, 2020

Happy Feet: Profession Based Footwear Optimization

You can't overstate how important the right footwear is. My sturdy Salomon hiking boots have provided me with grippy traction and dry feet. My Brooks Ghost 11 running shoes helped me recover from plantar fasciitis and stay injury free. Even something as simple as the right pair of water shoes can help turn a painful trip to a rocky or scalding hot beach into a pleasant one.

So in hindsight, it's a little odd that I've never considered optimizing my work footwear.

For some professions, this means finding the right pair of steel toed work boots, or tactical combat boots. For other careers, it might be simple as a pair of shoes you can stand all day in. But what's the ideal footwear for the work-from-home programmer?

For Chanukah, my Mother-in-Law gifted me what appears to be the answer to this question: a pair of Snoozie Slippers.

These bad boys are super soft, have anti-slip bottoms and feel terrific. They are like wrapping my feet in little warm hugs. Plus they're quite fashionable:

Oh, heck yeah my productivity has gone up! Thanks Mom!

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