Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Carrying Sunglasses | A Cheap, Simple and Lightweight Approach

I've struggled to find the best way to carry sunglasses. More often than not, they end up at the bottom of the main compartment of my bag, the last place they belong.

I've considered sewing a special pouch for them, or other novel ways to store them in my bag, but I'd yet to find an ideal solution.

A few days ago I realized that the 1/8" elastic cord and double-hole cord locks I'd bought for another project may solve the problem.

I trimmed a short length of elastic, wrapped it around my bag's shoulder strap and put on a cord lock. I then slid the sunglasses half-way through the loop so the bridge of the sunglasses lined up with the cord lock. I then cinched the loop close. To my delight, the sunglasses were securely attached.

Here's the setup in action:

This method is cheap, lightweight, secure and trivial to attach and detach. I can move my sunglasses from a shoulder strap to a lash point on the back of my bag in a few seconds.

The big catch: my sunglasses are left exposed to the elements. Considering my specs cost all of $20, I'll take my chances. I wouldn't recommend you try this with your $200 Oakleys.

Here's to simple solutions!

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