Friday, June 05, 2020

A Most Unusual Bedtime Playlist

Picking music for your baby's bedtime is easy. Fire up Soma FM's Groove Salad and you've got the perfect environment to send your little one off to dream land.

Except our little guy didn't get the memo. When he gets overtired and both desperately needs and fights sleep the ambient beats over at Groove Salad do nothing. Classical Music, Chill and Post Rock all come up equally short.

What he needs, and it's beyond counterinutive, is to rock out to some bang'n tunes. I wouldn't believe it except I witness this on a daily basis. To watch our little one drift off to sleep while Dwight Yokum or Bishop Briggs loudly jams away is to witness a mystery and miracle.

So here it is, the world's most unusual bedtime music list. Kids are weird.

Sweet Dreams!


  1. I like the music. Your child has good taste.

    1. Thanks Mona!

      Have any suggestions of songs I should add to the list?