Thursday, July 02, 2020

A Local Guide to the Hazards of Covid-19

I love the seemingly endless ways to access and visualize Covid-19 data. Making sense of this data, however, is a different matter. That I've yet to crack. One of the best resources I've found to helps make sense of what's going on locally is Dr. Mike Silverman's Friday Night Facebook Update.

Dr. Silverman is the head of Arlington's Virginia Hospital Center's ER. Every Friday for the past couple of months he's been writing a summary of what he's seeing both in terms of local activity as well as national trends. It's become a tradition in our household for Shira to read the latest update aloud on Friday evening.

To get his take on the current status of the virus is to get hyperlocal information from an expert who's on the front lines. It doesn't hurt that he's a solid writer, too.

If you're an Arlingtonian, he's a must follow. If you're not, then you owe it to yourself to search out your own local Dr. Silverman.

My take away from recent updates: wear a mask, keep up the social distancing, don't panic, don't get cocky with the progress we've made and wear a mask.

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