Monday, April 05, 2021

Two Tuna Based Observations

Two observations on this fine Monday morning:

First, what a world we live in! You're telling me that I can order 48 packets of tuna on Sunday night at 8pm, and they're delivered to my front door by 9am the next day? In time for second breakfast, no less! And, all this convenience for a price that's cheaper than buying at the supermarket?


And second, while we've never had an issue with our packages being stolen, and I'd never condone the practice, I can say that an itty-bitty-teensy-weensy part of me wishes that a porch pirate had nicked this one. They'd pick it up and think, hmmm, this has some heft to it I bet it's pricey electronics.

And when they opened the goods they'd be shocked to find they just stole some freak's tuna stash. Oh the very thought of the hypothetical look on their face makes me smile.

Tuna, anyone? I've got more than enough to share.

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