Monday, May 24, 2021

Street Art for All, without Asking

Art in public spaces is great. It's also tricky. Getting permission means dealing with layers of bureaucracy. Asking for forgiveness risks criminal prosecution and possibly marring your neighbors space.

I came across a brilliant solution to this problem on my run over the weekend. I give you the Secret Community Mural.

The 'mural' is tucked away under a bridge, visibile only to walkers and bikers. It consists of drawings, messages and most importantly, a bag of chalk for passer-bys to add their own.

This citizen powered project can risk asking for forgiveness because the artwork isn't permenant and it's only going to improve the surroundings. So clever, so brilliant.

Here's where the mural is located to stop by and contribute:

I've been trying to think of a way of supporting this project. I suppose I could drop off more chalk. Though I'm considering placing an Ed Emberly Drawing Book at the location as a source of inspiration. Have any better suggestions for ways to contribute?

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