Monday, July 26, 2021

Florida Adventure, Day 0

[Composed 7/15/2021]

For the last few years, we've gone on a summer backpacking trip with M., P. and B. Like the rest of our lives, last year was put on hold due to Covid. Naturally, this year I wanted to go big. Shira agreed.

So what did Shira have in mind? More miles? A tougher route? To mix it up and take to the water instead of the trails?

No, not exactly. Her idea of big was a whirlwind adventure to Orlando, Florida that would include Universal Studios, Kennedy Space Center, and sure, for my benefit, a hike. Uh, that wasn't quite what I was imaging but we agreed to leave it to the kids. Surely M., P., B. would see things my way and opt for the Type-2 fun of a backpacking slog.

And thus I find myself in Universal Studios, Cabana Bay resort with a day at the park ahead of us.

The flight here was mostly uneventful, the small bit of excitement being that on our descent the pilot aborted the attempt and circled around the airport to try again. He later got on the intercomm to explain that this was nothing to be concerned about, and was just a traffic management measure.

The rental car was easy enought to access and the drive to Cabana Bay was easy. We were even treated to fireworks in the distance as we approached the hotel.

The check-in line at Cabana Bay was relatively long and essentially stalled as there was only one person was at the counter. This is a bit surpsirising because one would assume that a crush of people checking in is a normal occurance here and should be something they could gracefully handle. We had even done mobile check in, and this was the mobile check-in line. At this point, we met my Sister-in-Law and D, C, T and G. What a delightful treat that was and any annoynace of being stuck in line was forgotten.

Tomorrow the real adventure begins. Man am I psyched!

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