Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Tybee Island Adventure, Day 8, The Last Day

[Composed 8/6/2021]

How we did it is a blur, but we did it. At 7:58am, we piled into a packed-to-capacity car and drove away from our beach house. We had an amazing vacay with the kids and all that was left to do was to drop them off at their respective parents and catch a plane out of town. Man this was going to be a long day.

During the car trip, when the kids got especially loud and out of control, I leveled the most serious threat I could muster. If you guys don't chill out, I'll be forced to read y'all a chapter from the Cherry Ames, Flight Nurse book. This was one threat I had no problem following through on. I'm telling you, this book is awesome. Why the kids aren't more interested in the story is beyond me, but at least it bought us a few minutes of quiet.

The drop-offs to parents went well and in short order, we found ouselves in an empty, quiet Yukon SUV driving back to Jacksonville to catch our flight. Our first stop, however, was a Dunkin Donuts to pee, mentally collect ourselves and have some yummy "recovery" donut holes.

We got back to Jacksonville with enough time for a bonus adventure: we stopped by our cousins' Lindsay and Doug's for some adult time. It was great seeing them and I only wish we had more time to catch up.

Overall, Tybee Island provided just the adventure Shira and I were looking for. The beach was pristine and kid friendly and Savannah and the surrounding area offers endless history to explore. Our VRBO was sized perfectly and the island was generally quiet. With the exception of one ice cream place, we didn't try any restaurants so I'm not sure how good the offering is.

About the only complaint I can level is that the area is super spread out. Tybeee Island to Savannah is a 30 minute drive. Even the Publix is 20 minutes away from the island. During trip planning I shrugged off this timing as no big deal, but in practice we noticed it as an inconvenience.

Overall: this was awesome! Time to start planning 2022!

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