Sunday, April 03, 2022

Twins Bnai Mitzvah: Family Pics and Rehearsal

Next up on our activity checklist for C and D's B'nai Mitzvah was to participate in 'pictures.' Because you can't take photos on Shabbat, the day that C & D will be having their B'nai Miztvah, the plan was to gather so that various staged photos could be taken before hand. This is a practice both Shira and I are intimately familiar with. If you are a non-photogenic introvert, like my 13 year old self, 'pictures' was an ordeal. If you were a confident, picture-perfect-smiling young lady like my wife, then pictures were merely a blip in an otherwise enjoyable simcha.

My parents' philosophy, which I've sinced inherited, is that there's something powerful about Bar/Bat Mitzvah pictures. Because you can't record the actual day of, the staged photos become the record for the day. It doesn't matter if you flub a part of your Haftarah or speech. Once the photos are taken on Friday afternoon, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because recorded history shows all smiles.

It was a delight to see the kids all dressed up, and I couldn't resist grabbing a few of my own pics while the photographer did his thing.

We also heard D read the tail end of his Haftarah, which he did with such incredible confidence. He's going to crush it!

In a couple of hours Shabbat will begin and so will the festivities. We can't wait!

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