Thursday, May 05, 2022

The Set to Watch from Ultra Miami Musical Festival

After a two year hiatus, the Ultra Musical Festival returned to Miami. For a few weeks after the event, YouTube was popping with musicians publishing their sets.

I know what you're thinking: Ben, I'd like to get a flavor for this year's festival, but I'm not sure which set I should watch? Not to fear, I've got you covered.

If you listent to a single set from this year's festival, make it Fisher's.

Mind you, I don't know who 'Fisher' is, and much of the music he played isn't my preferred style. But that's the sort of the point. Here's an unknown (to me) DJ playing new (to me) tunes, yet he ended up taking me on a delightful musical journey.

All I could think when he finished his set was, how the heck did he just do that?

Here, give his set a listen and see hear what I mean:

Banging, right?

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