Thursday, July 07, 2022

They're Coming And They're Oh So Hungry

On a recent trip to Rocks State Park in Maryland, I snapped some pics of these curious looking bugs:

Turns out, these are spotted lanternflys. While they are pretty and the web promises they will morph into funky looking moth-like creatures, they're apparently quite invasive. In fact, arlnow just published a request by the Master Gardeners of Northern Virginia to report any lanternfly sightings in Arlington and Alexandria.

Apparently, these critters were first found in Pennsylvania, and they've crossed the border into Maryland. So yeah, my guess is that any day now I'll be seeing these in my front yard.

Curse you beautiful, yet, hungry bugs!

By the way, we visited Rocks State Park with a 13 and an 8 year old, and we all loved it. The 8 year old isn't much of a walker, so we appreciated that we could see a cool waterfall, impressive rock formations and pick wild raspberries all without doing a lot hiking. And the ice cream shop relatively close by sealed the deal on a wonderful outdoor adventure.

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