Sunday, October 09, 2022

Disney On Ice and The Path to True Happiness

The path to contentment is simple, yet it takes a lifetime to master. First, know your goal and stay focused on it. It's easy to get distracted by shiny objects that will lead you astray. Next, when you attain your goal, be satisfied with it. Again, there will be an endless supply of temptations insisting you need *more* to be truly happy.

The last place I expected to see this lesson played out was by 2½ half year old E in the lobby of the Disney on Ice show: Frozen & Encanto. Genius, however, knows no age or circumstance.

When we walked into the arena hosting the show there were countless vendors selling, literally, shiny objects. E was undeterred. He's a fan of Elsa and so wasn't moved by much of the schlock. When he saw an Elsa action figure he was smitten: that one he indicated. And we were glad to buy it for him.

We then walked to our seats, with E happy and unconcerned with the other vendors hawking light up swords and cotton candy. E had Elsa and he was happy. Adorably, he held her the entire show.

The show was held at the GMU Eagle Bank Arena, which isn't exactly a small venue. We had the cheapest seats which were fairly high up, but we still had a clear view the ice and all the action.

When we attended a similar Disney on Ice show nearly 8 years ago to the day, the show was entirely about Frozen. The fact that kids are still flocking to see Frozen is impressive, though the choice to dedicate half the show to Encanto was a wise one. I doubt any purists in the audience that were hoping to see a minor scene played out on ice. Abbreviating two movies, featuring just the highlights, was the way to go.

Shira and I appreciated the skating and showmanship, which included various jumps, trick and aerial acrobatics. They even included fire, so that was fun.

E thoroughly enjoyed the show; spending most of it enraptured by the performers.

After the show, we hit up nearby Woody's Ice Cream for a post show treat. Shira went in and ordered for us: she got E a single scoop and myself a banana split. I'm not sure if Woody's is always this generous, but she came out with what seemed like a pint of ice cream for E and massive to-go container of banana split for myself. It was like I had won the ice cream lottery.

What a day it had been: a great show, excellent ice cream and a profound lesson in happiness. What more could one ask for?

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