Monday, December 12, 2022

Let There Be Upcycled Light

Over the weekend I found myself with a couple of tablespoons of vegatable oil that had served its purpose and couldn't be reused for cooking. Not long ago, I'd have chucked the oil in the trash without a second thought. Thankfully I am now more enlightened and empowered, and have the option to add it to our weekly food scrap collection bin. Instead of taking that route, I poured the oil into a stray glass container I'd been holding onto because of its unique shape.

I then added and lit a Chanukah inspired floating wick:

Voila! Light!

None of this is breaking new ground: lamp wicks and vegatable oil based fuel are readily available on Amazon and have been burned for millenia. Still, I'm glad that I: (a) made the connection between food and fuel, and (b) appreciated that in a blackout, that box of wicks would be awfully helpful, (c) was able seize an upcycling opportunity.

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