Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Taming The Moby Wrap

One of my go-to pieces of baby gear is the Moby Wrap baby carrier. I've used it to soothe and schlep countless little ones. From miles of laps around the first floor of our home, to the jungles of Belize, the Moby has been a constant and reliable companion.

To underscore its utility and effectiveness, I'm composing this blog entry at my standing desk with baby L softly snoring away in the Moby.

One challenge with the Moby is that its roughly 900 feet of cotton fabric can make it unwieldy to don. At home, with practice, this turns out to be easy enough to do. But in more hostile territory, say a parking lot, airport or trail head, keeping the fabric off the ground can be a chore.

After over a decade of tripping over this problem, I finally found a simple solution. I stuffed each end of the wrap into mesh reusable produce bags:

Once in this configuration, I had essentially two separate rope bags. If I gently pull on either bag the fabric feeds out. If I stop pulling, the fabric stays put. The result is that I can effortlessly put on the Moby without the fabric flopping around everywhere.

I field tested this setup on our last vacation, and I was amazed at how seamlessly it worked. Putting on the Moby at various trail head parking lots was a breeze. I used this same arrangement again last night, putting the Moby (and baby!) on in the lobby of Shira's gym. Again the process was hassle free.

Hurray for little wins!

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