Tuesday, March 14, 2023

An Axestastic Good Time

This past weekend we went axe throwing at DC's Kick Axe and it was *awesome*. This was a new experience for the four of us, and everyone had an excellent time.

Axe throwing is exactly what it sounds like: you rent a lane and for an hour and hurl axes at a wooden target. I'm sure my country brethren are laughing their butts off at the idea of paying premium prices for the privilege of throwing a common tool at a piece of plywood. Heck, I'm wondering if I couldn't set up my own axe throwing lane in my back yard. But regardless, it was a blast.

Axe throwing requires enough skill and luck, that it's not trivial to master, so nobody got tired of trying. At the same time, it's low skilled enough that we could all have moments of glory doing it, and it doesn't require a ton of concentration.

Kick Axe itself was non-smoking, clean and had a low enough noise level that it was easy to carry on a conversation. The food was OK, with the tacos and macaroni and cheese bites serving as stand outs. The chips and salsa and pretzel (that came without mustard or a dipping sauce) were passable. The only issue was our server came by once to ask us for an order and once to deliver the food. After that, we never saw him again. We couldn't even find him to pay for our food (we flagged down another server to pay). So yeah, the service that night wasn't great. But we weren't there to eat and drink: we were there to throw axes and that we did!

We split into teams and played to 21, following the rule that if you go over 21 you reset back to 15. Hitting precisely 21 is trickier than it sounds. Everyone except myself managed to land at least one bullseye; Shira had an impressive double-bullseye as the night wrapped up.

All in all, a great time and I'd go back in a heartbeat!

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