Tuesday, August 15, 2023

The US Navy Band I Didn't Expect To Hear

Back on July 20th my Mom suggested we all meet at the Fairfax County Government Center for one of their Thursday evening summer concerts. Fairfax County offers a heap of free entertainment throughout the summer, including Thursday evening concerts. Mom told me that the US Navy Band would be performing. I figured we were in for a night of patriotic classical music; I was in.

When we arrived at the Ellipse, I noticed that the stage was set up and there was country music softly playing from the speakers. I found the choice of music odd, but enjoyed it none the less. If whoever set up the equipment was a fan of country, then heck, why not play some tunes before the event started.

As the concert began I realized I'd read the situation all wrong: we were here to listen to the US Navy's Country Music Band, Country Current. The warm up music wasn't out of place, it was carefully selected. So this was going to be a night of country and blue grass; yeehaw, that's my jam!

The band's performance was outstanding. I didn't capture any video, but if you check out this past performance, you'll get a feel for how high quality these musicians are. The band played mainly classic country hits, which I thoroughly enjoyed. My parents and brother got into the toe tapping fun, but it was G who was really loving tunes. He danced and goofed around while the band played. The whole experience far exceeded my expectations.

Another highlight: I grabbed some random snacks from our pantry to eat during the show, including a packet of peanut butter and a bag of chocolate chips. Noshing on spoonfuls of peanut butter covered in chocolate chips with G may not have been the most nutritious thing to eat, but it sure was fun. And as an uncle, my prime directive is fun.

After the concert we stayed an kicked a soccer ball around. G plays kiddie soccer, so he was able to demonstrate some impressive skills.

What a fun evening; well done Fairfax County and the US Navy!

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