Tuesday, October 31, 2023

DSLR vs Cell Phone Camera: To Schlep or Not to Schlep

Before each adventure I go on, whether it's a trip around the block or around the world, I have the same debate: should I lug along my Canon T6s DSLR? On one hand, the telephoto lens and old school camera form factor lets me capture pics I'd miss out on if I relied solely on my cell phone. On the other hand, the T6s is fragile, bulky, heavy and relatively dated. My cell phone, a Galaxy S22 Ultra has a remarkable camera system and its 10x telephoto lens lets me record photos that would have been impossible using previous phones.

Lingering in the back of my mind is this question: if the DSLR is such an asset, then perhaps I should upgrade? I was gifted the T6s back in 2016. In 7+ years cell phone camera technology has noticeably improved, could the same be said for the DSLR market? If so, maybe a camera refresh is in order.

To answer these questions, I want to compare my DSLR and camera phone pics from our travels over the summer. The challenge here is that I've got thousands of pictures to sort through and no easy way to compare them. 

So let's build the tools I'll need to simplify this comparison. And then let's put the DSLR to the test: is it worth its weight, or time to retire it?

Up next: normalizing exif data for easy photo comparison.

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