Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Second Best Use For A Beer Can

Assuming the first is drinking the actual beer, here may be the second best.

After our last little outdoor adventure, David had suggested a lightweight mug might be a good addition to the standard gear. Usually, I just bring a single bowl, and use it for everything. But he's right - drinking tea and eating oatmeal at the same time would actually be handy. While researching the topic I came across this thread:

I am looking for a lightweight mug that can boil about 2 cups of water.

I've been using a Heinekin Beer can. It weighs 1 oz and cost $2.50. Plus, you get to drink the beer before you leave for your trip.

And here are the instructions for making just such a mug.

I may have to pickup a six pack and make me some mugs. 1oz and $2.50 is hard to beat, especially when compared to the 4oz, $40.00 Titianium Mug.

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