Thursday, July 15, 2010

7 Years in the Making, 20 Minutes to Fix

When we moved into our house, years ago, the door to one of the second bedrooms kinda stuck. Over the years, as the house settled, the door just outright stopped closing. The room was typically used for storage, so we never really cared.

Every few years, we'd get the idea to fix it. We'd ask various handy men if they would do the job, and they'd always mention something about taking off the door and sanding it down. We never followed up on the job, cause it just didn't matter.

Well, Shira had enough of it, and told me it was time to fix this sucker. Examining the problem more closely, I realized I didn't need to take the door off the hinges. I just needed to get up there do some sanding.

So, the other day we happened to be near Home Depot and I stopped in. I got a wonderfully helpful clerk, who hooked me up with a $30 finishing sander. I ended up laying down a drop cloth, marking the area to sand with a pencil, and spent 20 minutes or so sanding away.

And voilĂ ! The problem was solved. Now, did I do irreparable damage to the door, and the very structural integrity of the house? Perhaps. But one more item is off my Honey-Do list and I've got a new tool in my repertoire. I'd say this job was a success by any measure.

Oh, and I didn't have any extra parts.


  1. sweet... now I know where to borrow the sander from.... the closet door that is to be my closet has the same problem in the new home... I already tried to rehang the door... no luck, still sticks. But now I have a friend with a big sander.

  2. Nick -

    It would be my pleasure to lend you the sander!

    If you can be my "buddy with a truck," I'd love to be your "friend with a sander!"

    (Personally, I think I got the better deal)