Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pet Store Hack and Doggie Adventures

This last weekend, while coming up with kid friendly things to do, Uncle Ron offered me a clever parenting tip:

Want to hit the zoo on a rainy day? Just take the kids the pet store in the mall.

What a brilliant idea! I bet our little guy would be overjoyed with a trip to Petsmart and the like.

Speaking of pets and kids, the other day we were taking our little one for a walk when we came across a fenced in yard with a small dog in it. As we approached the yard, the dog approached the fence.

After about 30 seconds of the dog staring at our little one in his stroller, he let out a single loud bark. This caused our little one to visibly jump. Though, he held his ground and didn't cry. Instead, about 10 seconds later, he let loose his own loud stream of gibberish.

And so it went, the dog barking, our little one responding and on and on. It was too cute.

Man, that kid is fearless. Well, except for vacuum cleaners and some blenders, but that's understanable.

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