Monday, July 13, 2015

Family Fishing Adventure, 2015, DC Edition

It's was time for our Annual Fishing Trip (see also: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014), though we weren't able to get out of town. No problem - we've got plenty of water right in DC to fish!

I did a little prep work for our adventure by stopping by Fletcher's Boat House. I picked up a DC fishing license and some live bait: night crawlers and clam snouts. (The night crawlers were a winner; the clam snouts a dud.) So I felt at least somewhat prepared. As for where to fish, there's a ton of options in our area. Some of the nearby parks even offer fishing as a designated activity. In the end we decided we'd focus on two areas: East Potomac Park and fishing along the Potomac Heritage Trail (PHT). I suggested the former because I'd regularly seen fishermen there, and the latter because I figured we'd get a nice hike in if nothing else.

We started the day at around 5:50am on East Potomac Park and pretty quickly started catching fish. Small fish (OK, tiny fish in some cases), but fish none the less. In fact, within an hour we'd all caught something. After a couple hours of fishing we packed up and drove over to Theodore Roosevelt Island, where we parked and started hiking the PHT. We quickly found a number of promising fishing locations and even caught a couple of fish, though by the time we'd hiked to Windy Run (1.5 miles down the PHT) it was pretty clear that the fish weren't buying what we were selling.

The most frustrating part of the day: throughout the day, we saw massive fish jumping where we were fishing. Seriously, they were just mocking us. But hey, it was nice to know that the big ones are in there.

We really did have an amazing time. And it's pretty awesome to consider that we didn't need to go any further than a 10 minute drive to hit very promising fishing. It was a worthy addition to our annual fishing trips and I very much look forward to many more!

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