Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Getting Crafty: Intrakitchen Messaging, v2.0

After finishing a project I found myself with a box of 90 or so craft friendly magents. This got me thinking: what could I attach them to, to put them to work?

On a whim, I Gorilla glued a magnet to the back of a Dannon yogurt container:

The result was a little cup that attached perfectly to our fridge. OK, now what?

Well, I give you the Intrakitchen Messaging Center™. While v1.0 (the yogurt container with a magnet attached) was functional, it lacked features. Mainly, the ability to detect when a new message has been delivered as well as archiving capability.

Version 2.0 now includes a flag that can be set to indicate new messages (a biff, if you will) as well as a second yogurt container which can be used for archiving messages. Here's me crafting the flag:

And here's the final setup:

Behold, the power of Gorilla glue, magnets and of course, duct tape!

Special thanks to my wife for teaching me the difference between inter and intra, and why my original name Interkitchen was so wrong.

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