Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Go North Young Man! More Explorations From Riverbend Park

Last week, after endless days of rain, we had our first glimpse of sun. To celebrate we hiked yet another section of the Potomac Heritage Trail. We'd hiked in Riverbend Park before, but hadn't ever explored the section of the PHT to the North. The Riverbend park map mentions 2 miles of the PHT. I was curious: how far North does it go from there?

Besides having an excellent hike on a pristine trail, I got my answer: the PHT continues from Riverbend approximately 10 miles, to Algonkian Regional Park. How cool is that?!

But wait, there's more! Check out this sign we came across while on the trail:

That's right, if you string it all together, you can get to Occoquan Park, 45 miles away. Now that's a day of hiking!

While we didn't see any large animals, we saw plenty of creepy crawlers. Apparently we weren't the only ones ready for sunshine and a beautiful day. About half of these photos were shot by Shira; so assume any good ones were hers.

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