Monday, June 06, 2016

Why did the Turtle Cross the Road? and Other Country Mysteries Explored

I've always believed that meaningful travel can happen in your proverbial backyard, and this weekend, Shira and I proved the point. While we only drove about an hour away into Loudoun County, it felt like we went to some far off country land. We stayed at the Airwell Bed and Breakfast, where we had our own private cottage.

We had a fun day at Great Country Farms, picking strawberries, oggling baby goats, playing mini-golf and listening to live music. On Sunday, we did a 6 mile hike on the Appalachian Trail, starting from Bears Den Hostel. Word of warning: when they say you're hiking along a "15 mile roller coaster section" of trail, they aren't joking. We did nothing but hills for 3 miles, turned around, and did the same set of hills again. Yikes. Just exploring the Loudoun contryside is a treat, what with the wide open spaces and impossibly large mansions.

We're not big wine or beer people, so we didn't quite feel the tug to explore the various wineries and breweries. But they were plenty to be had if that's your thing.

Such a wonderful getaway weekend, and all without changing time zones (or leaving our home state, for that matter)!

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