Thursday, October 06, 2016

Exploring Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve

While I continue to rest a sore tendon, I dragged Shira to Bell Haven Marina for a bit of kayaking. Specifically, we explored Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve, which has an impressive bird population among other features.

From what I can tell, we saw quite a few Great Egrets, a good sign considering they were once relatively scarce. The problem? Their feathers became fashionable. This 1898 profile of an Egret hunter makes for fascinating reading. At the time, the sale of feathers to hat makers earned the hunter around $80,000 in today's dollars. We're quick to scoff at tribes that may hunt rhinos for just their horns, or fisherman who kill sharks for their fins, but apparently not too long ago we were fine with wiping out a bird species all for a snappy looking hat.

Regardless, the preserve is definitely a treasure. I really need to return with my telephoto lens and a few hours of free time to make the most of it.

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