Friday, October 14, 2016

Turtles at Sunset

Yesterday I had an awesome run with friend and long time running partner, Elizabeth. We managed to catch the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial shortly after sunset. We had the place to ourselves and as strolled through it, admiring the amazing work of the memorial designers and creators. It's so well done and definitely one of the most powerful memorials in the DC area.

After the run we hit dinner at Cantina Mexicana, not exactly our usual Mexican restaurant of choice, but one that definitely exceeded expectations.

Last time I ran with Elizabeth we caught a sunrise so it seems appropriate we should catch the sunset this time. Not sure how we'll top all of this at our next run, but I'm looking forward to trying.


  1. I love that memorial, too. Have you ever done the audio tour? Worth doing.

  2. I keep RAVING about that memorial!!!