Friday, January 20, 2017

Weekly Discoveries: The Giving Tree, a bit of jazz and a most remarkable violinist

This week in music I stumble on a bit of jazz, and a remarkable guitar street performance. But the most unusual find has to be Lindsey Stirling's work.

Lindsey's video that I linked to has 4 million views - so it's not as if she's an undiscovered talent, it's just that I've been apparently living under a rock.

Lindsey's schtick is that she's a violinist. And dancer. And singer. And, she chooses to use her talents to make the most non-traditional violin, dancing and singing work possible. I can't say that I love her music, but I do love what she's accomplished. I can just imagine her telling her friends, yeah, I'm going to be a rock star solo violinist. Sure you are Lindsey, sure you. And that's what she is. Good for her!

In the non-music videos, there's a sweet bottle opener build, and proof that you can cook over tea light candles.

Happy inauguration day! When you've had enough political coverage, give these tunes a listen!

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