Friday, January 06, 2017

Weekly Music Discoveries - New Year's Edition

These days, I find myself gravitating to YouTube for my music needs. In general, YouTube's on the fly 'mixes' are a serviceable way to pick a song and stream tunes, all with control of jumping to a totally different song when the mood strikes. The only issue I find after a few intensive days of doing this is that all my playlists tend to converge. While it blows my mind that a song can have *billions* of views (or listens?), and I'm willing to admit I enjoy popular music as much as the next guy, I did find myself craving something totally fresh.

At one point I tripped over Vevo's New Indie Videos and was pretty much blown away: for 70+ songs in a row I listened to band after band I'd never heard of. Sure not a lot of it was great, but just to 'discover' a new heap of songs and artists was a pleasure.

And so in that vein, I give you my weekly Music Discoveries for the very first week of 2017. Some of these songs struck me as winners the very first time I heard them, others took a couple of listenings before I realized I liked them. There's even a homage to the recorder if you play close enough attention!

So press play, sit back and enjoy.

Listen to Ben's Music Discoveries

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