Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Behold! The Custom Made Tactical Yoga Mat Carrier

I'm not exactly sure how my original request went down, or how I got so lucky to receive this. I must have seen the pretty and functional yoga mat bag that Dawn made for Shira and remarked that I needed a manly version. And thus was born the Tactical Yoga Mat Carrier 2000™:

Features include:

  • Fits longer style yoga mats perfectly
  • Two generous pockets for holding keys, phone or workout nutrition
  • Authentic Woodland camouflage to help maintain maximum testosterone levels while attending a beginner's Yoga class
  • Two inch wide strap for the ultimate in comfortable carrying
  • Quick release buckle to decrease the odds of a catastrophic failure while accessing mat
  • NATO approved MOLLE Webbing attachment points to allow for easy accessory expansion
  • Discrete button attachment point allows for low profile carry of badges and other sensitive material
  • Earth Friendly, as it's made from authentic upcycled military materials*

Seriously, this bag rocks! And after having dabbled with a sewing project or two, I'm even more amazed at the flawless craftsmanship. So well done, Dawn!

*Thanks Grant for donating one of your old uniform shirts to the effort. You rock!

1 comment:

  1. Anything that lowers obstacles to attending class is great.

    Plus, it is a great bag :).