Monday, December 11, 2017

Weekly Discoveries x3

As a rule, I don't put entire albums in my Weekly Discoveries. Instead, I try to restrict myself to a single song by a given artist. But after watching Odeza perform live on KEXP, and hearing them talk about the best way to appreciate their work, I decided to listening to the entire album a try. And man, does their album A Moment Apart deliver. They take you on quite the diverse musical journey with that album. So pick an hour long task, put on the headphones, and lose yourself in A Moment Apart.

Sure, the music video behind Walk on Water is cheesy. But it's patriotic American cheese. And while some of the faces and scenes in the video are cliche, I give them points for trying to capture our diverse country in a meaningful way.

The visuals in Mr. Probz's Fine Ass Mess feel more like an episode of criminal minds than a music video. But man, there's no denying that he can sing. Sooooooo, smooth. And it looks like our sultry murderer gets hers in the end.

Banner's Someone To You is the high school redemption song I didn't know I needed. If only I had collected up my Trapezoid editing friends to bust some serious moves at Prom, I could have had the same victory as our heroes in this song. And best of all, the video ends with a slight twist that makes for a better than perfect outcome.

Benjamin Booker's Believe has to be seen, to well, be believed. Picture it, a young man in boot camp, trying to make it through a critical training exercise, only to have it interrupted by his younger self dancing his way to victory. Trust me, the video works.

For Shira's birthday, I had visions of a romantic movie date night. Alas, her birthday fell on a packed Monday and my plans of snuggling up to watch a movie would have to wait. Luckily, YouTube delivered a mini version of what I had in mind with 20 Best Romantic Movie Moments. Why watch the whole movie when you can just zip through to watch the good part? And of the scenes in that video what's the most romantic? Why, the When Harry Met Sally scene, of course.

When I first started listening to Saturn by Sleeping at Last I assumed that it was strictly an instrumental piece. The visuals combined with the music totally worked and I was glad to add it to my list. Then the lyrics kicked in and I was more impressed. Then I actually read the lyrics and was even *more* impressed. What a remarkable song about losing someone you love. Any song that contains the lyric: How rare and beautiful it is to even exist is a winner in my book. Definitely worth a listen.

Listen to all the songs: 2017-11-12, 2017-11-26, 2017-12-03.

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