Friday, January 05, 2018

Weekly Discoveries - Closing Out 2017 Edition

The last couple of weeks have been a fitting anniversary to the Weekly Discoveries project I started at the beginning of 2017. A year ago I found myself frustrated that I was listing to the same (mostly popular) tunes over and over again. I was also shocked that when I did some digging I could find a whole slew of artists I'd never heard of before that made music that was really appealing.

Take Barns County's Fire for example. Here's a toe tapping tune from an artist I'd never heard of, even after spending a year looking for new talent.

And then there's videos like Terraform by Novo Amor & Ed Tullett that are visually stunning and contain music that I'm not even sure how to categorize. I just know that when I heard the song, I had stop what I was doing and listen.

This year I also found myself gaining a more thorough appreciation for many artists that have one or two overplayed songs on the radio. I've come to appreciate that many of the best songs from say, The Lumineers or Vance Joy never make it to the radio. This last week I was definitely feeling some love for Passenger, who with ever song I hear from his new album, reminds me that he's anything but a one hit wonder.

And then there's the whole world of mixes, which string together a dozen plus songs. This may not sound especially creative, but give Klangnomad's Son of Spring and you'll see what a creative and well thought out mix can do. It's an hour's worth of music which leaves me thinking the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. So put those headphones on and prepare to get one heck of an hour of programming time logged.

I tried to focus this last year on music, but ever once in a while I'd come across a skills or humorous video that just had to be captured for posterity. In this vein, I give you: Bitcoin: What it is and How does it work?. I can't emphasize enough how this is 3 minutes and 6 seconds of perfection. Just watch it.

OK, enough talk. Let's listen! Weekly Discoveries 2017-12-17 and 2017-12-24:

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