Thursday, August 30, 2018

Simple but Works | How Not To Forget Your Mouth Guard When Traveling

After forgetting to bring my mouth guard on a few trips I realized I needed some sort of strategy so I'd be sure to pack it. The problem is that we typically pack the night before a trip, which means that I have to remember to add the mouth guard to my bag in the morning. I considered having a second mouth guard made so that I could keep one permanently with my travel stuff, but those bad boys are expensive!

Instead, I found a far cheaper and simple strategy. Here, check it out:

In my standard travel equipment pile is an empty mouth guard container with a string threaded through it. When I'm done packing up my bag, I girth hitch the container to the outside of whatever bag I'm taking.

In the morning, or whenever I grab my bag to go, I can't help but see this reminder. I then pack my actual mouth guard and return the empty case back to my travel pile.

It's a simple procedure, but man, has it been effective.

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