Thursday, August 16, 2018

More Fishing at Gravelly Point and More Celebrating of Little Victories

Last night we spent a delightful couple of hours fishing over at Gravelly Point. Of course my Dad caught the first fish, a decent sized catfish, as well as the second, an eel. I didn't catch anything, but had a few micro successes, including using a variation on this technique to use hot dog as bait and the fact that every time I went to use a uni-knot I did so with success.

This was B.'s first time fishing and I was hoping my Dad's knack for finding fish would increase her odds of also having her first catch. Alas, it wasn't meant to be. She did have a few micro successes as well, including: having the first strike of the day, though she wasn't able to land the fish; catching a Mystery Snail, which according to the Washington Post is edible ("The snails are native to East Asian rice paddies, where they are snatched up for the dinner table."); and learning how to cast a line using a spinning reel.

Good times!

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