Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Costa Rica Adventure - Day 6

[Composed 8/4/2018]

One of the first decisions we made for our Costa Rica vacation was that we'd spend Shabbat at the beach. I had visions of stepping out of our hotel onto a pristine beach, followed by a day spent frolicking in the water. Countless stars would have to align for my dream to become reality, but through luck and planning it did!

After breakfast we made our way the short distance to the beach. The area was almost completely empty, and we plopped our stuff down to explore the water. The water temperature was delightful, especially when compared to familiar Atlantic Ocean beaches. After few minutes of getting pounded by waves, we walked North West on the beach, where we found an inlet to a sort of lagoon. It was here that we spent a couple hours playing. T. swam and played in the sheltered waters while J. and D. worked on various building projects. I spent time looking for shells and generally exploring, all while Shira supervised.

When we'd had our fill of the beach we made our way back to the condo to the use the pool. Again we found relatively warm temps and enjoyed playing there. Then it was lunch and back to the beach for more sand time.

When we went to the beach in the afternoon we opted to walk South-East and within a couple hundred yards found a section being watched over by a lifeguard.

As it had previous days, the clouds eventually rolled in and it started to rain. We took this as our cue to head back inside, get cleaned up and spend some quality time playing with Legos.

One of my favorite moments of the day came in the evening as we were getting ready to call it a night. D. and J. who had been playing with Legos started experimenting with shooting video of the Legos. Each of them had a phone, so they each tried both recording and and narrating the Legos. Without prompting, they figured out that it was far more efficient if was the camera man while the other the on screen talent. They even figured out they could use Walkband on the other phone to add a sound track to their video. You can see a photo below of this in action: J. is filming D. and giving him a big 'ol thumbs up to let him know that he's recording. It was both adorable and a delightful display of problem solving skills.

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