Friday, December 07, 2018

Reflective Body Armor. For my running fanny pack.

I picked up a few yards of reflective elastic a couple of weeks ago. While on a night time run, it occurred to me how I could put some of it to use: as a sleeve for my running fanny pack. I figure adding a passive way to be seen at night would pair well with my active measures.

The project was easy enough to do: I split the sleeve into two lengths and attached backing fabric to each. The result were channels I could slide each end of the waist belt through.

If anything, the sleeves are too good a fit. I was expecting to be able to add and remove the reflective cover as needed, but it's tight enough that doing so is a hassle. Ultimately, the tight fit may serve me well.

For now, I'm safety-pinning the two sleeves together, though I have plans to to attach them with Velcro or another fastener. I figure better to get a few test runs in with the setup than commit to an approach now.

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