Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The SAR-Tech Sinnet | Easy Paracord Access

7 minutes into his What's in my 24 Hour SAR pack, Ephraim pulls out an impressively spooled length of florescent paracord. He explains that it's wrapped using the SAR Tech Sinnet method. The name, he explains, comes from the fact that this method of paracord storage is preferred by Canadian Armed Forces Search and Rescue technicians. Got to love those Canadians; even their paracord is polite.

A search for SAR-Tech Sinnet turned up this YouTube video which shows how to create the bundle. Further research shows that the rest of the world knows this method of storage as creating a paracord donut.

Regardless of what it's called, it's obviously handy and I'm amazed I haven't come across it before. Once the SAR-Tech Sinnet is created, it's trivial to spool off controlled lengths of paracord without it knotting. The donut itself can serve as a weight, which helps when tossing a length of paracord . Learning to create the sinnet takes only a few minutes, and involves little more than repeating a trivial pattern. The only downside seems to be that it's not an especially fast way to bundle cordage. However, I'll gladly put in 15 minutes of prep-work at home, to avoid 10 minutes of wrestling with a knotted hunk of rope in the cold and dark.

Here's a 25 foot sinnet I created in about 10 minutes:

If you've got lengths of rope lying around, you really have to give this technique a try.

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